What’s on in Hatfield – May

What’s on in Hatfield – May

Are you ready for summer in Hertfordshire? With The Comet as your base you’ll find there’s plenty going in in Hatfield, Herts, and the surrounding area. Perfect for day trips with the family, our top tips for May should have something for everyone.

St Albans Museum

Nearby St. Albans Museum & Gallery is a must see. Set over three floors, the newly created state-of-the-art gallery spaces showcase over 2,000 years of priceless heritage and display contemporary artworks – sharing local, national and world treasures with all. With a vibrant events calendar, there’s always something new to see. Here’s some of their highlights for May.

May 5th – I Am Sound Workshop. As part of the St Albans Visual Arts Festival, this workshop is an introduction to explore the benefits of sound frequency and connecting to your inner vibrations using your own voice for better wellbeing. Tickets are free but please book in advance as spaces are limited. 

Every day starting May 13th, St Albans on Sea. Come and explore the free St Albans on Sea exhibition starting on the beach, with St Albans’ straw hat making industry, before discovering some natural history in the shallows and braving the deeper waters to discover the many ships named HMS St Albans and HMS Verulam.  

May 21st-22nd – The First Battle of St Albans. Fought on 22 May 1455 in the middle of St Albans, the First Battle of St Albans traditionally marks the beginning of the Wars of the Roses. More than 550 years on come and discover the battle from the heart of the battlefield. This demonstration is an opportunity to find out more about a key moment in St Albans’ past history,  the opposing armies’ tactics, attacks and how the battle was fought. Marvel at the amazing scale models and painted miniature armies.

For tickets, details and more see: www.stalbansmuseums.org.uk/whats-on

Hatfield House

As always, there’s plenty going on down the road at Hatfield House. One of Britain’s best preserved Jacobean houses and with strong royal connections thanks to Elizabeth I, the house and collections should be high on your list to visit when you stay at The Comet. With a great events calendar for the entire estate, this May is packed with things to do.

May 19th heralds Hatfield House Opening Week. The doors of Hatfield House are finally opening for the new season, giving the public the chance to meet the wonderful guides and learn the history of Hatfield House. See their site for opening times from then on.  That aside, May is packed with events, including the opportunity to book private champagne tours of the Historic Gardens on May 12th, and of Hatfield House itself on May 18th. An amazing chance to soak up over 400 years of Jacobean splendour all to yourself with a personal guided journey.

 Other May events at Hatfield House include:

 The Plant Fairs Roadshow takes place on May 1st.  A collective of specialist nurseries who organise and promote Plant Fairs in the South East, they always offer a wide range of locally grown, garden worthy and often unusual plants. It’s free of charge to visit, you’ll  just require a ticket to access the grounds.

May 5th-8th sees Living Crafts at Hatfield House. Enjoy a creative festival offering you an inspirational shopping and crafting experience, workshops and entertainment, making it a great day out for all the family.

Tudor Legacies on May 7th gives visitors the  exciting opportunity to interact and engage with Henry VIII, his six wives and his children, plus many other historical characters. How about that for an extraordinary day out?

Bringing things into the modern era, The Fiat Abarth Club Hertfordshire have kindly agreed to display their wonderful collection of cars within the grounds of Hatfield Park on May 14th. Visiting the vehicles on display is free with a standard entry to the park.                                                                          

 For full details and more, see: www.hatfield-house.co.uk

Wrest Park

Lastly, and a little further afield, Wrest Park in Bedfordshire makes for an amazing day out.

From dazzling parterres and fragrant borders, to sweeping countryside views and idyllic woodland walks, Wrest Park is a real treat for the senses. With over 90 spacious acres to explore, enjoy a day out in the fresh air and discover the evolution of the English garden. Stroll through three centuries of landscape design showcasing a range of styles including Dutch and Italian, wander along the show-stopping formal Long Water walk and spot beautiful classical statues as you explore the grounds. This English Heritage site is a real hidden gem.

May 14th – Young Archaeology Club. If your child has an interest in archaeology, history, heritage or all three, then Wrest Park is an amazing place to learn about them through hands-on activities. Pre-booking is essential for this event.  

May 28th – June 5th – Kids Rule! Join the fun in the grounds of Wrest Park to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee with historic performers, hands-on activities and fresh-air family fun.

For further details see: www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit

We hope you have fun exploring the many treasures in the surrounding countryside and enjoy a wonderful stay with us at The Comet this May.